Easter Marooned on a Deserted Island

Okay so it’s not exactly deserted here and marooned might be a stretch in that I haven’t been abandoned and I’m not really isolated as there are another 500 people in the vicinity. But it is Easter and I am on an island.

And not just any island as this happens to be Stromboli, a speck in the Mediterranean that is completely dominated by one of the world’s most active volcanoes.

I’ve come to climb the volcano, only allowed if you’re accompanied by a guide, but clouds covered said volcano yesterday causing my guide to cancel with the explanation that going up with cloud cover makes no sense because you won’t be able to see the spewing of lava that happens like clockwork every 15-20 minutes. A storm with strong winds and driving rain is lashing the island as I write washing out  any chance we could go today.

And so it is that I sip very hot tea in a café at Stromboli’s mini-port contemplating life on this Easter Sunday.

Hydrofoil connections to the other Aeolian Islands and the mainland have been cancelled due to the choppy sea so there’s no escaping even if I wanted (maybe I am marooned after all).

I’ve got no intention of going anywhere anyway. I’m not leaving this island until I’ve looked down into Stromboli’s crater and with the weather forecast to improve tomorrow I just might manage…

One thought on “Easter Marooned on a Deserted Island

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