Coolest Advent calendar in the world is here in Milan

Innovative Advent calendars are nothing new yet Milan might be breaking new ground with one in Piazza Duomo. Every day from December 1 until the 24th a window on one of the buildings facing the square opens at 6 pm with musicians playing classical music for 30 minutes.

One musician (and one window) for the first of the month, 19 for today, 20 for tomorrow and so on. It’s a sight to be seen.


The finale will have the 24 musicians playing “Silent Night”, which, I’m told, was first performed Christmas night 1818 at the church in Oberndorf near Salzburg. That connection is not accidental as this event is being sponsored by the Austrian tourism office in Milan.

IMG_1338ridotta C.A.Milano.015 C.A.Milano.009Since most of you reading this aren’t in Milan (here’s hoping you’re somewhere with better weather) here is a video that gives a good idea of the event.

By the way, and just to clear the air, I didn’t know these calendars were called Advent calendars. As a kid I just opened up the windows and didn’t ask too many questions.

And here is one more cool Advent calendar that is the product of 3D printing.

What do you think?

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