The best-looking cup of milk you’ll ever see (and my toast to Italy’s next prime minister)

So the Italian prime minister has just resigned (that happens all the time here, nothing to get too excited about), his replacement-in-waiting, Matteo Renzi, is under 40 (now that is indeed news for this geriatric country), and I’m going to tell you about…the best-looking cup of milk you have ever seen. No kidding.

Best-looking cup of milk you're every going to see

Best-looking cup of milk you’re every going to see

When I take my four-year-old out on the weekends we always stop off for a cappuccino. I get the real thing and he gets a milk with some foam at the top that he calls a cappuccino. Sometimes they’ll charge you for the small milk (usually 50 cents) and sometimes it’s free. Like so much in this country, there doesn’t seem to be a rule so it’s up to somebody’s discretion, in this case the barista’s. In the bar near my house one barista doesn’t charge us and the other does. Go figure.

A few weeks back I was in Liguria to have a look at the Cinque Terre in winter (just as beautiful as in spring, summer and fall and wonderfully deserted). Levanto, a town just north of the Cinque Terre, was my springboard for the visit and it was there that I happened upon a somewhat non-descript bar that produced this wonderful mini milk for my son Luca.

Happy camper

Happy camper

I challenge anybody to show me a photo of a cooler cup of milk (BTW, this one was free). Luca’s was in an espresso cup, but I’m willing to accept entries made in a larger cappuccino cup.

Before sipping my next cappuccino with Luca, tomorrow morning at about 10:30, I’ll raise my glass to Matteo Renzi and give a little toast that will go something like this: “I’m not too keen on the road you’re taking to become prime minister, but whatever, here’s hoping you succeed where so so many have failed. I’m not going to say you’re Italy’s last chance because that’s what everybody said about Mario Monti, prime minister before this one that you just ousted, and though he didn’t manage to change much of anything Italy is still here, still standing, wobbling, but standing. I’m just going to say that if you fail, and let’s be honest, chances are you will since everybody before you has, it’s going to be another dark day for Italy.”

3 thoughts on “The best-looking cup of milk you’ll ever see (and my toast to Italy’s next prime minister)

  1. When my (Italian) boyfriend told me the government was changing hands yesterday the most interest I could muster up was a half-raised eyebrow (been there, done that). That milk on the other hand looks fantastic. Do you have to be a child to order it?!

  2. An adult can absolutely order the milk though unless you give a really nice smile and get a little lucky you are unlikely to get such a nice rendition as with the chocolate smiley face in the picture. As you know, Italians are crazy about bimbi and that is expressed in many ways, including in this artistic milk.

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