I’m a journalist based in Milan, Italy who decided that after more than a decade on the peninsula the time had come to combine two of my great passions – eating and writing. I have eaten my way up and down Italy many times, including once on foot (see the Via Francigena page of this site), and have chowed down at too many food-based town festivals (sagre) to count. I’ll throw in a recipe every now and again, but my real goal here is to have you taste, see, and hear the Italy I love, the Italy that is often overlooked. I’m a certified sommelier so in addition to food and sagre I’ll be discussing what wine goes with those perfectly roasted snails (actually it’s the beer).

And since Italy is Italy and you can’t be true to the subject without reveling in some of the ridiculous things that are as much as part of this country as pasta, pizza and football, I’ll occasionally talk about the dysfunctional Italy that remains hidden from most casual visitors.

I’m a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal based in Milan, Italy. In the past I have worked for the Financial Times, The New York Times and Bloomberg News. I was born and grew up in California, a place that will always have a piece of my soul no matter how long I stay in Italy.

Eric Sylvers

That’s me on Monte Rosa